Welcome September

Hello September

September is always a favourite here in the Sweet Symphony Studio. It signals the end of the summer holidays and a return to normality! Everyone’s back in their regular lesson spaces (well, kind of – read on to see what I mean!) and we get to catch our breath (a little). Plus, there’s the added

What are you listening to this week – Hamilton

A few weeks ago, we watched “Hamilton” on Disney+. We’d heard great things about this fairly new musical and were curious as to what it was all about. History is our other passion in life alongside music, and the fact this musical is set in Revolutionary America was definitely a draw to us. What’s it

Hello Goodbye, Teachers. Sweet Symphony says goodbye but also hello to several Teachers

Hello Goodbye, Teachers!

It’s been quite a while since we wrote a regular blog post. Life in a busy music school means free time is very limited and there’s always a huge list of jobs to do – our blogs never seem to get to the top of the list! But today we were determined to find the

Never Too Young!

How young is too young? We get a lot of enquiries from Parents of young children who have shown an interest in learning to play instruments such as the Flute and Saxophone, and until this point we’ve had to respond that unfortunately the child is too young. General consensus is that most brass & woodwind

A Busy Week in the Studio

We had a really busy week in the Studio last week! It was our April Enrolment Week, which means we welcomed lots of new Students to Sweet Symphony. In addition, we received our first exam results of 2019, welcomed a new Teacher and awarded a month of free tuition to one lucky Student. Phew! Exam

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We’re Growing…

We’ve been very busy this week thinking about how best to meet the needs of our Students! 2019 so far has seen a huge growth in lesson enquiries. This is fantastic news, but we were actually getting to the point where we didn’t have any (or very limited!) spaces to offer for certain instruments! Although

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Spring is almost here!

Is it just us, or does it seem very spring-like outside at the moment? It’s not before time – we’ve had our fill of the dreary dark days and freezing cold weather. It’s lovely to be able to keep the blinds open that little bit longer on an evening! The (slightly) warmer weather is definitely

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The year ahead

2019 is shaping up to be a very busy year already for everyone at Sweet Symphony! We’ve got several exam sessions coming up (read more about these here) over the next few months. February sees us welcome two new Teachers to the Studio, as well as find out how we did in the Tyne &

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And so it begins…

Hello, and welcome to the very first edition of the Sweet Symphony School of Music blog! Blogging is something we never thought we’d end up doing – after all, what on earth could a Music School find to blog about and, more to the point, who would want to read it?! Well, let’s see, shall