And so it begins…

Hello, and welcome to the very first edition of the Sweet Symphony School of Music blog! Blogging is something we never thought we’d end up doing – after all, what on earth could a Music School find to blog about and, more to the point, who would want to read it?! Well, let’s see, shall we? After some careful thought, consideration and planning over the last few months, we’re confident that we can provide a fun, friendly blog packed full of useful information about us and our lessons.

We’re now into our second week back after the Christmas and New Year holidays, and it’s been a really busy fortnight so far! We’ve had a huge amount of new enquiries after Christmas so lots of new lesson spaces have had to be opened up. In addition, we’ve been implementing a new booking feature which we’re hoping will improve the experience of all of our Students.

Enrolment Week

We had the idea to adopt an “Enrolment Week” at the start of each month for new Students starting their lessons. All of our new Students will start together, in the same week. From a selfish point of view, this makes the admin side of things a (little) bit easier, but the main benefit is in the availability of alternative lesson spaces for our current Students.

Up until now, if a Student was looking on the calendar to find an alternative space, to either reschedule a lesson or use a make-up, they’d find that their choices were fairly limited. The only spaces showing were wherever another Student had cancelled a lesson that week. The problem was that if we opened up ALL of the available spaces we had, we could (and did!) encounter a situation where a current Student would book into an empty space 3-4 weeks in advance. In the meantime, we’d sign up a new Student for that same lesson slot, but in 3-4 weeks’ time we had a double-booking and would have to cancel either the new Student’s regular lesson or the existing Student’s make-up. It was very frustrating and was a bit of a flaw in our system, to be honest. We’ve been trying to figure a way around this, and this is where the Enrolment Week comes in.

Once the sign-up deadline has passed for the coming month and we know which spaces have been booked, we can now open up all of the other available spaces on each Teacher’s schedule. So when you log into the website, you’ll see so many more options for using your make-ups. Excellent!

To see for yourself, don’t forget to login to the Sweet Symphony website where you can cancel/reschedule lessons directly from your calendar. Try it today!

Student Login

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