Hello Goodbye, Teachers!

It’s been quite a while since we wrote a regular blog post. Life in a busy music school means free time is very limited and there’s always a huge list of jobs to do – our blogs never seem to get to the top of the list! But today we were determined to find the time to update everyone with some of the recent happenings at Sweet Symphony, including some new faces and a very happy occasion for one of our Teachers!

Sweet Symphony Guitar Teacher John welcomed a new arrival last month, becoming a dad for the first time.

Congratulations John!

A huge congratulations to our Guitar Teacher John and his wife, who became parents last month to a beautiful baby boy!

John is taking a few weeks off to adjust to being a dad, and meanwhile his lessons are being covered by our Teacher Craig. More on Craig below…

Goodbye John & Mathilde

This month we sadly said goodbye to two of our Teachers, John & Mathilde. Mathilde hadn’t been with us for very long. But she recently made the decision to leave the UK and return to her native France. She’s now back in France after her journey home, and is looking forward to the future.

Our other goodbye was to our Piano Teacher John. John has been a huge part of Sweet Symphony. He was one of the very first Teachers to join Louise when she began expanding the Studio, over 3 years ago. John is retiring and moving to Ireland with his wife.

We hope John enjoys his well-earned retirement and the new chapter in his life. We’ll miss you, John!

Four New Teachers!

It’s not all goodbyes, though! In July we welcomed four – yes, FOUR – new Teachers! For Piano, we welcome Mary and Lesley. Both Teachers have an outstanding teaching record and between them have over 40 years of experience.

Becky is our new Woodwind Teacher. She applied to us a few months ago, but our schedules didn’t really sync up. But now things have changed and Becky will be teaching Clarinet and Saxophone on a Tuesday evening and all day Saturday.

Our final new Teacher is Craig. Craig came onboard initially as a cover Teacher while John was on his paternity leave, but he’s enjoying himself so much he’s decided to join us permanently!

Craig will be teaching Guitar and Ukulele throughout the week, starting with Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Looking to the Future

So, despite the goodbyes, we’re now able to offer more lesson availability than ever before. So if you’d like to take up any of the instruments on offer at Sweet Symphony, get in touch and we’ll be able to find you a suitable space! As always, the easiest way to sign up is by using our Sign Up form on our website. Fill in a few details and then we’ll get back to you with details of our available spaces.

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