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Explore the world of guitar-playing with our versatile guitar lessons covering classical, acoustic, electric, and bass guitars. No matter your preferred style, we’ve got you covered.

Our classes cater to both children and adults, welcoming individuals of all skill levels. For younger students, we recommend starting with Ukulele lessons as a delightful entry into playing music, and the skills gained easily transition to the guitar as they grow older.

While we encourage students to consider guitar exams when they reach an appropriate proficiency level, participation is entirely optional. At Sweet Symphony, we offer exams through three different boards: Trinity, Rock & Pop, and LCME. This diverse range allows us to tailor the syllabus to each student’s unique playing style.

“My son has been attending since February and he absolutely loves it! He’s so confident with his guitar and could read music after two lessons. Given the current situation, the transition to online lessons has been seamless . There wasn’t any connectivity issues. I think going forward it’ll be a welcome distraction to enable my son to continue learning in this way.”

Kate, mum of Guitar Student
Sweet Symphony offers Guitar Lessons to Students of all ages and abilities


Do you teach adults as well as children?

Yes! All ages are welcome to attend our lessons. We have adult lessons running throughout the week, from absolutely beginners through to advanced players so don’t worry, we’ll find the perfect class for you.

Do I need to bring along my own instrument?

We do have a few guitars in the Studio which can be used in case you forget yours or if you’d prefer to have a few lessons before buying an instrument. But generally we’d say it’s best for you to bring along your own instrument.

At which age can my child start guitar lessons?

We usually would say the youngest age to start would be 7 years old. For any younger children, we’re recommend starting with ukulele lessons first as they’re much easier for small hands to play! For more information on our ukulele lessons, please click here.

I’m a left-handed player: can you still teach me?

Yes! We can teach both left- and right-handed guitar players, don’t worry!

Can you help me restring my guitar?

Yes, your teacher can show you how to restring your guitar so you can manage it easily in the future. If you need new strings, we also have supplies within the Studio which you can buy.

How much are your guitar lessons?

All our tuition is paid as a fixed flat-rate monthly price. Tuition rates vary according to Teacher. For more information on prices, please click here.