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Preschool Singing

Preschool Singing

If not taught properly, young children can actually do lasting damage to their delicate vocal chords when Singing.

So instead of jumping straight into regular Singing Lessons, sign them up to our carefully-researched preschool singing lessons.

Lessons are perfect for children aged 3-5 years old. They’ll learn all of the essential building blocks required for Singing and/or learning another musical instrument in the future – all while having a great fun time!

During these lessons, your child will:

  • Learn symbol-to-sound recognition, including reading rhythm, note articulation and understanding song structure
  • Begin strengthening vocal muscles and learn to engage the diaphragm through vocal warm-ups
  • Work to improve annunciation and speech
  • Develop a sense of pitch and general aural awareness
  • Build on musical numeracy, to help with later music-reading
  • Work on short songs & nursery rhymes, highlighting dynamics alongside other musical nuances
  • Start building early vocal confidence

Lessons are 30 minutes long, to allow the Teacher to tap into the child’s concentration and learning abilities.

And once your child is old enough, they’ll be able to progress naturally into regular singing lessons.

Sweet Symphony offers Preschool Singing Lessons to children aged 3-5 years old

“Thank you so much for the lesson notes they are fantastic to receive. I just want to pass on my thanks to Priya for being so wonderful with Leonardo. He absolutely loves attending and asks if it’s his piano lesson most days. Her patience and ability to keep him engaged and focused is brilliant!”

Alison, mum of Preschool Piano Student


How much are the preschool singing lessons?

All our tuition is paid as a fixed flat-rate monthly price. Tuition rates vary according to teacher.
For more information on prices, please click here.

At what age can my child start preschool singing lessons?

Our Preschool Singing Lessons have been designed specifically for children aged between 3 and 5.

What happens when my child starts school? Do they have to stop their lessons?

Not at all! In fact, they’ve had the best possible start to their musical education and should be able to easily transition into our regular after-school Singing Lessons to continue their progress.

Can I sit in with my child during their lessons?

Parents are more than welcome to come in with their child for their first few lessons, in order to meet their new teacher and to get a feel for the lesson format. After a while, we find that the child opens up and bonds more easily with their teacher without their parent present. We do have a waiting area in our entrance foyer so you can stay on-hand should your child need you.