Which Size Violin Should I Buy?

Which Size Violin Should I Buy? Violin-players come in many shapes and sizes. And luckily so, too, do Violins! Ok, not different shapes, perhaps, but definitely different sizes. From the tiny 1/32-sized Violin for teeny tiny musicians to a standard full-size for older players and everything in-between – there will be a Violin which is

Sweet Symphony Piano FAQ

Am I Too Old to Learn to Play the Piano?

Am I Too Old To Learn To Play the Piano? At Sweet Symphony we offer music lessons to Students of all ages, from our Preschool Piano Lessons from age 3 right through to retired adults. Throughout the course of an initial enquiry phonecall from an adult Student, we often hear the following: “Am I too

Sweet Symphony Singing Lessons

What Should I Expect at My First Singing Lesson?

What Should I Expect at My First Singing Lesson? It can be a bit daunting, starting something new. Even if it’s something you’re looking forward to such as taking up Singing Lessons, you’re going into the unknown and it can perhaps feel a little scary. Not to worry, though – we’re super-friendly at Sweet Symphony.

Top 10 Tips for Playing the Piano

There’s no magic formula for learning to play a musical instrument. Everyone has their own natural aptitude for learning and learns at a different rate. But there are definitely some helpful hints and tips that all successful piano players have in common that we can all use to improve our playing. Here’s our top 10