Which Size Violin Should I Buy?

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Which Size Violin Should I Buy?

Violin-players come in many shapes and sizes. And luckily so, too, do Violins! Ok, not different shapes, perhaps, but definitely different sizes. From the tiny 1/32-sized Violin for teeny tiny musicians to a standard full-size for older players and everything in-between – there will be a Violin which is sized just right for you.

It’s not just all about age, but more about your individual size, and more importantly the length of your arms. A tall, long-armed 9-year-old will most likely feel more comfortable playing on a larger instrument than a shorter teen. 

The best way, of course, to find the best-sized instrument is to try out several different sizes in-person. If you’re buying a Violin instore, the shop assistant should be able to work with you to help find the size that works best for you.

If you’re buying an instrument online without having had the opportunity to try it out in-person, you can make use of a Violin size chart like the one shown here from Violinspiration. These are usually mostly accurate and can provide a useful starting point.

When you try out a Violin, hold the Violin under your chin as if going to play, then extend your arm straight underneath the body of the instrument towards the scroll. If the scroll rests in the palm of your hand with your fingers able to wrap around the end, this is a good size. 

Once you’ve started lessons, your Teacher will be observing your playing. They can then advise you when they think the time is right to move up a size. 

Some Parents may be tempted to opt for a larger-size instrument straight away, rather than “wasting” money on a smaller Violin which they know will have to be upgraded in the future. However, a good rule of thumb is to start with a smaller instrument for a younger Student and have them size up over time. It is far too difficult and possibly physically-straining to have a young Student play on a full-size instrument before they’re ready. 

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