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July 2023 Exam Results

Sweet Symphony music exam results

In July we had a larger exam session, as we hadn’t held one in June.

A total of 11 Students sat their exams in the Studio, with a further 2 sitting Guitar LCM exams at a local exam centre.

There were a lot of Students sitting their first exams in this month’s session, but we also had a good mix of other grades, through to Grade 4.

As always, we were really pleased with everyone’s results.

July 2023 Exam Results

Acoustic Guitar194%Distinction (LCM)
Acoustic Guitar185%Distinction (LCM)
July 2023’s exam results table

Teacher Results

This month’s exam Students were submitted by six Teachers altogether: Jaanika, John, Lisa, Matthew, Meg and Phil. Each Teacher is maintaining a pretty good average score – all above 75%!

Some of Our Student Results

Aleena passed her Initial Grade Singing exam with Sweet Symphony School of Music

Aleena was so pleased to collect her first ever exam certificate. She sat her Initial Grade Singing exam in the Studio and scored a fantastic 95%!!! Needless to say, that earned her a Distinction!

Aleena has been coming for Singing Lessons for just over 2 years, and now she’s begun studying for exam grades it’s given her lessons a new lease of life.

Congratulations to Elizabeth, who picked up her very first exam certificate!

Elizabeth has been taking Piano Lessons for a little while, and has been gradually moving towards her Initial Grade exam.

Elizabeth scored a fantastic 87%, earning herself a Distinction.

Amazing work, well done!

Elizabeth passed her Initial Grade Piano exam with Sweet Symphony School of Music
Ellen passed her Initial Grade Piano and Grade 1 Singing exams with Sweet Symphony School of Music

Congratulations to Ellen, who picked up TWO exam certificates in this session.

Ellen sat her Initial Grade Piano exam as well as her Grade 1 Singing exam in July.

Despite being loaded with cold at the time of her exam, Ellen did really well with both – scoring a fantastic 93% for her Piano exam!

Tiffany is a familiar face in these Exam Student posts – as she studies THREE instruments here at the Studio: FluteViolin and Piano!

She recently received her certificate for her Grade 1 Violin exam. But this time she’s collecting her Grade 3 Piano certificate.

Not only did she sit the exams very close together, but she also has a great habit of scoring very high! This time she scored a fab 87%, earning herself a Distinction. Well done!

Tiffany passed her Grade 3 Piano exam with Sweet Symphony School of Music
Rachel passed her Grade 1 Piano and Grade 3 Singing exams with Sweet Symphony School of Music

Double the celebrations are in order for Rachel, who picked up TWO exam certificates from the Studio this session.

Rachel sat her Grade 3 Singing and Grade 1 Piano exams here with us in July. She did a fantastic job of both exams, scoring a fantastic 75% in her Singing exam (MERIT) and 87% in Piano (DISTINCTION). Amazing!

Well done, Rachel!

Congratulations to Jaycob, who collected his certificate for his first exam Piano exam.

Jaycob sat his Initial Grade Piano exam and scored an impressive 88%, earning him a DISTINCTION!

A fab first exam result, Jaycob – well done!

Jaycob passed his Initial Grade Piano exam with Sweet Symphony School of Music
Scarlett passed her Grade 4 Singing exam with Sweet Symphony School of Music

A huge well done to Scarlett, who picked up her Grade 4 Singing certificate!

Scarlett also performed one of her exam pieces “The Sound of Music” in our recent Studio concert. Both performances were fantastic, Scarlett, well done!

Congratulations to Poppy on her achievement in picking up her Grade 1 Singing exam certificate! It’s always a wonderful feeling to receive recognition for hard work, and we’re sure she is feeling very proud of herself right now!

Poppy passed her Grade 1 Singing exam with Sweet Symphony School of Music


A very successful exam session, once again! We’re taking a short break from exams over the summer. But we’ll be back in September with more fab results!

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