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Sweet Symphony Singing Lessons

Singing Lessons

in Newcastle

Singing Lessons in Newcastle

Step into the captivating world of Singing lessons at Sweet Symphony School of Music, just a short drive away, here in Washington. Our meticulously crafted program is tailored to ignite your passion for music and cultivate your vocal talent.

Why Choose Singing Lessons?

Singing lessons offer a multitude of benefits for aspiring vocalists:

  1. Structured Learning:
    Singing lessons provide a well-organised approach to learning, which aids beginners in establishing a solid foundation and allows more seasoned singers to hone their abilities. Through a structured curriculum, students can advance steadily, mastering new vocal techniques and musical concepts along their journey.
  2. Personalised Instruction:
    Each singer is unique, possessing their own vocal style, aspirations, and hurdles. Singing lessons offer personalised instruction tailored to individual requirements, ensuring that students receive the necessary support and guidance to flourish. Whether you’re starting from scratch or aiming to enhance your existing skills, a proficient instructor can offer invaluable feedback and direction.
  3. Motivation and Accountability:
    Learning to sing can be a demanding endeavour, and it’s common to encounter moments of frustration or loss of motivation. Singing lessons foster motivation and accountability by keeping students focused and on track towards their objectives. Regular sessions provide a sense of progress and achievement, motivating students to persist in their practice and refine their vocal abilities.

Our Approach

At Sweet Symphony, we’re all about cultivating a passion for music through engaging, personalised, and enjoyable Singing lessons. Here’s a sneak peek into what you or your child can look forward to when joining our Singing lessons:

  1. Expert Guidance:
    Our instructors are seasoned musicians with extensive experience in both performing and teaching Singing. They bring their passion and expertise to each lesson, ensuring you receive top-quality instruction customised to your unique needs and aspirations.
  2. Tailored Learning Journey:
    We recognise that every singer is different. That’s why our Singing lessons are tailored to fit your individual learning preferences, interests, and goals. Whether you’re into pop, jazz, classical, or rock, we’ve got you covered.
  3. Comprehensive Training:
    Our curriculum encompasses all facets of Singing, from mastering vocal techniques and breathing exercises to delving into music theory and performance skills. Whether you’re a beginner or seeking to refine your abilities, you’ll discover ample opportunities to develop and excel as a vocalist.
  4. Positive and Supportive Atmosphere:
    Learning to sing should be enjoyable and fulfilling! That’s why we prioritise creating a nurturing and supportive atmosphere where you can freely express yourself and unleash your musical creativity.
  5. Performance Opportunities:
    We firmly believe that performance is a vital component of musical growth. Throughout the year, we host various performance events and showcases where you can showcase your talent and gain valuable stage experience.

Studio Location

Conveniently located in Washington, our Studio serves as a welcoming haven for budding musicians across the North East. Here’s how to find us:

Sweet Symphony School of Music
Speculation House
Speculation Place
Tyne and Wear
NE37 2AP


Each Teacher sets their own rate of tuition, so prices vary slightly between Teachers.

Tuition is paid on the 1st of the month and is a fixed monthly flat-rate payment.

For more information on our pricing and cancellation policies, please click here.

Sweet Symphony offers Singing Lessons to Students of all ages and abilities

“My daughter has been attending singing lessons for the last few weeks. Meg is a wonderful teacher and my daughter loves every lesson. She has grown in more than confidence and I can’t wait to continue seeing her progress.”

Dawn, mum of young Singing Student

Are you ready to let your voice be heard?

Embrace the transformative power of music with our Singing lessons tailored to inspire, educate, and create enduring memories. Get in touch, or click below to book, and embark on your musical adventure today!